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Today we are super lucky to have a guest post by author Cristy Burne. Some of you may be listening to her present at South Perth Library today for Book Week.


Help! I’ve started writing a book, and now I can’t finish.


Is this you?

You started writing a book and it was going well but now you’re stuck.


What should you do?


I get this question a lot. I’m Cristy Burne, author of the Takeshita Demons adventure series, and I know how hard it can be to write a book. But, I also know how much fun it can be. I always dreamed of writing a book, and it wasn’t until I sat down and forced myself to do it that I actually succeeded. Writing your own stories is heaps of fun and hugely rewarding. But it’s not always easy.


So, what should you do?


The answer is this: Finish writing your stories. Finishing your stories is the absolute hardest part of being a writer.


Heaps of people start writing books, but not many people finish them. They get disheartened because they don’t know whether their writing is any good, or they don’t know if they can keep writing for so many thousands of words, or they don’t know if their characters work or if they like their plot or what they’re going to write next. Basically, they get blocked and can’t write, or they have another idea for a different story that is even cooler that the first story and so they don’t want to finish the first story.


So what should you do?


The best thing to do is this: fight it out.


Keep writing the story you’re writing now. The not-knowing-what-to-write is called Writers Block and everyone gets it. Writers Block can come from two things:


1)   Procrastination: You forget how much fun it is to write and so you’re putting it off and not writing.

Solution? Force yourself to write, even if it’s just for three minutes each day. Writing for three minutes each day reminds you that it’s fun to make your own stories and characters, and it keeps your imagination churning over. It also helps your writing skills stay sharp. So try to write a bit of your book each day, even if only for three minutes, and even if you think you’re writing rubbish. If you keep writing, eventually you’ll write yourself right out of your block. You’ll write yourself to a better place in your story and you’ll start to love it all over again.
2) Trouble: Something is wrong with your story and needs to be fixed.

Solution? Keep writing, same as above. The good news is that if something is wrong with your story, your subconscious brain usually knows what it is. Usually, the bit that’s not working is the bit you were writing just before you got blocked. So think about that bit for a while and then write about that bit. Write about how it could be changed, write about why you think it doesn’t work. And maybe rewrite it. All in just three minutes a day. (If you want to write for more than three minutes, feel free.) If you keep writing, just a bit each day, one day you’ll find the solution to your problem and your writer’s block will be fixed. Hooray! It’s as simple as that.

So that’s it? Just keep writing?

Yes, just keep writing. But writing is the hardest (and most important) part of being a writer. It’s the only thing that separates writers from everyone else.


Being a writer is just like being a school student or a worker. Some days it’s easy and you love it and you can’t wait to get started. Other days it’s really hard and you don’t want to get out of bed. But, all you have to do is get out of bed and do a little bit each day.


That’s how every book has been written. And that’s how you can finish writing your book too!


Happy writing!!



Cristy Burne
Author of the Takeshita Demons series
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